The Weekend Tip! (warning; contains baby details)

A few weeks ago, Ricky had an accident – in our bed of all places. It was the kind that only parents of said child can handle. We do not need details, let’s just say our mattress needed some attention. Simon and I both thought about how to clean it, and knew that no matter how much we tried with soap and what not, it would still be very wet and potentially have mold growing in it if we did not get the moisture out.

But then I remembered – hellooo – salt draws moisture out of things – lets add salt! So I went to get the salt, poured massive amounts onto the wet stain, and rubbed it in. Simon was not sure, but I knew!

In the evening, after several hours of that salt drawing the wetness out of hours mattress, it has crystallized and it was heaps heavier than before I put it on. We were amazed that it worked so well! We vacuumed it up, and found that the stain was almost completely dry!

It definitely worked, so if you your child has had an accident or you’ve spilled something on your bed, the carpet or something else, use the cheap salt to dry it up!

Tried and tested:)




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