Great, sunny weekend in SA.

So, the weekend has been pretty stunning. Before we moved here, Simon said he wanted to ride to Glenelg from home on a regular basis. Two weeks ago, I pressured him into doing just that. Makes me sound like a bully, but he needed that kick in the butt, because he loved it. 60 km later, he is lying on the grass eating sandwiches and fruit with me and the girls, happy to have made it the whole way without a flat and without giving up. Yesterday he did the same. I did not have to coax him into doing it this weekend though, now he was more confident and ready for it. He beat his previous time as well, so he is ready for the next fortnight to come along, so he can be even better. I love, love, love Glenelg, so I have no issues driving there.

Although Norway will always be my home, Adelaide has got such a strong hold on me, and so many places mean so much to me. Not a touristy place, not really THAT much going on – and a little confusing. But the first time I was back in the city, it was as if I had been married for a few years, then divorced, only to be reunited with an old flame, my first love. (Not that I have ever done that with an actual human though, but hey, I needed an analogy!) I’d know all the flaws and cracks on the surface, and also the really nasty things on the inside. But still, that puppy love feeling was just sparked again – and it happens whenever I am in one of those areas. They feel mine. It feels as if it is my territory. I just… love it. If you asked me a few months ago, I’d say I dreaded this move more than I wanted to admit, but knowing I could do nothing about it, embracing it as much as possible has been the only way. So although there are many things I do not like over here – the things I do like, I Love!

After meeting up with Simon, we went to IKEA for a few things. There was a man making balloon animals, and Sophia was standing neatly in line, and when it was her turn, he looked at her and said she looked like a girl who wanted a pretty flower. “No,” she said, she wanted an “Aeroplane.” The man did not expect that, but said “Hey, I’ll make you a great one!” She was very happy!

We keep forgetting that summer is close, so we always forget to bring bathers to the beach, but after a nice playground play, we decided that it was to nice not to enjoy the beach as well, so we let the kids go swimming in their clothes instead. Needless to say, Sophia did not hesitate a second.

DSCF1536 DSCF1537 DSCF1540 DSCF1542 DSCF1548 DSCF1553 DSCF1556 DSCF1565

Today has been a very windy and hot day. We have yet to change the aircon from a heater to a cooler, but I do believe we must get to that rather soon, as the kind of heat we had today was quite enough. Simon painted and fixed up our mailbox, Melodie made a garden bed outside her bedroom window, and I baked a chocolate cake. Very casual Sunday for us, and we like it that way. Hope the wind will calm down some next week!




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