Sophia has really entered the stage of her life where new words come out of her like lava, and we are impressed by her new ways to describe things every day. It is such a joy to be able to have conversations with her where we understand pretty much everything she says, and she no longer needs to point or cry to get what she is after. She does forget sometimes, and we just remind her, ‘use your words’ we say, and she gets to wants to say. One of her very first words was Dinosaur, which is quite an effort, but a very well used word in our house, so not to surprising.

There are, however, some words that make absolutely no sense to others, but us. Here are some examples:

Appaga – Bird
Mashin – Sandwich
Menki – Blanket
BlueRed – Which colour is that?
Ammagam – Wake up
Combs – Clothes
Nono – Dummy
4,6 – 1,2
Awoo – Love you

She is so awesome and lovely, and it really helps a lot once they start talking so we can understand!;)

Oh, and then we have the great moments when she needs us, and she walks around saying:
“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilp! Hiiiiiiiiiiiilp!” – which obviously means ‘Help’ 😀

No help needed here though;)



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