Our day, with pictures.



(the pictures have ended up being super big, don’t know how to edit..:P)


The last two days have been very normal for us, going shopping for food and other stuff, and lots of playground time. Somehow we always feel very busy though, not really understanding how or why.

Yesterday we went to buy Sophia some new shoes for summer. I find it such an issue finding proper sandals for little girls. The shops always just make them so darn cute! And although cute is awesome, it is not practical. I don’t want bows and flowers and diamonds and sparkly stuff, because by the time they have had their first play in the playground, it is all fallen off anyway. And the shape and fabric – it is all wrong! It is just not comfortable for them, with tiny straps here and there just for show – and then they fall off their feet! No, I want proper sandals. For boys, sure, there are plenty, and although I don’t mind buying brown for them, I felt like putting in an effort to find their favourite colour. And I finally found them. And then they were so cheap I bought another pair – white (the cardinal sin when it comes to kids) with FLOWERS! Because they are cute:) They just won’t be everyday shoes.IMG_0507.JPGVery proud of her new shoes, they have lights, too. I told her to ‘show me your new shoes’ and she turned around like that. 🙂


A few months ago we bought one of those hanging bird feeders and put it in our tree in the front yard. Since then, every time we come home, we wait inside the car until the birds there have finished eating before we open the door. The neighbours’ super tall palm tree has some resident crows in it, and they often walk around on our front lawn, not really bothered by us anyway. The girls love the birds, and when Simon put up this extra ‘sitting stick’ (I don’t know what it would be called in english…:P) the birds seem to love it even more.



Ricky has had a few days of pussy eyes and runny nose, but it doesn’t have an impact on her happiness! She is such a little bundle of excitement and bubbliness, and today was no exception. Her eating skills are improving daily, and she loves it.

Sophia has been full-on today, and I was almost at the end of my tether today, but then she goes and do faces like this and melt my heart completely. If it is one person who never fails to make me laugh, it is her. My little comedian.

I bought the girls a tiara headband yesterday, needless to say, Melodie has been hogging it since. She now walks around being a princess, she says. Although she is not a diva; “I am being a polite princess, not a nasty one.” IMG_0506.JPG


Now I am just sitting here, Simon and I are supposed to watch a movie tonight – we rented “We’re the Millers” so hopefully that’ll give us some laughs!:)





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