Just for fun, but still.

Wow. You know, blogging has been a way for me to communicate for many years. On and off, on several platforms, and in more than one language. I’ve never had any expectations that anyone except for my closest family and friends would be interested in hearing about our life and my ramblings on the net. Today though, logging into my app to check the stats here, I see my blog has been read by over 60 (!) different people today. I mean, big numbers have always made me happy, and it makes me feel slightly special, but since I changed platform, an average number would be around 10 per day, compared to 20 on the other one.

I figured people weren’t as interested anymore (which is fair enough, I basically just post photos of the kids and talk about our day.) which is understandable. These people are also from different places in the world, 7 different countries have tuned in today, which is such a weird thing to think about. But I am loving it.

This is all for fun, though. Simon always jokes that if I get really good I could earn money. 60 people won’t make money for us, but what it does, it makes me want to do it more. I mean, it is good feedback after all!

If you find it interesting, please come back, I love it!

(Oh, and don’t be afraid to leave a comment!)

(pic taken from weheartit.com)




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