Dog meets baby

Our Joey is an outdoor dog, even though I never really liked it, coming from Norway where we do not do that at all. But because Bill (Simons dog) was an outdoor only dog, and I did try to convert him, Joey wanted to be with him more than us inside the house. So it is just what happened. Joey does come inside, but it doesn’t take that long until she wants to go back outside again.

The result of this is that Ricky ‘forgets’ about Joey pretty much between every meeting. Often Ricky is asleep when Joey comes inside as well, because it basically means looking after four kids suddenly, and I don’t need that!

(For the record, obviously the reason why I need to ‘look after her’ as well is not due to her choking, falling over or any of the things the others would do, but dogs are unpredictable, so while I trust her and she’s great with the kids, if the playing gets to rough, I have to be there.)

Yesterday though, when Joey came inside, Ricky was awake and playing. And she was ecstatic! She was sitting on me and jumped up and down yelling and crying out for Joey. Both her hands reached forwards to grab her, and Joey came to lick her in the face and she squealed. There is no doubt she is amused by Joey and I love seeing her forming a sort of bond with her already. So much cuteness;)



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