Throwback Thursday; The Birthday Edition!

Since it was Sophias birthday yesterday, I thought I’d go back in time to her first week ‘on the outside.’
(by the way, I was going to blog about yesterday last night, but we had a not too well Ricky, so hopefully I’ll get the time tonight!)

The last days have made me remember and think back to the first days in the hospital, when I for the first time proved to myself that maternal instinct can be greater than the knowledge of health professionals (I will never say that in ALL cases mum is right, but I have at least three times in my life ‘known’ more than them because the mamma in me says so – and I have of course been wrong as well.).

It was such a magical moment when Melodie was introduced to her baby sister for the first time. She loved her from the very first moment she saw her…<3


Only a few hours into life.
First trip to the playground!


First storytime with dadda.

Just came home.


Big sister loves you!

Wow. Two years, huh? Time flies…




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