Birthday girl!

I am busy today, cooking for Sophia’s birthday tomorrow. Simon has taken the day off work, and we’re getting up early to go to the museum in Adelaide. We did plan on the zoo, but it is very expensive and with that money we can do several fun things in one day instead.

We will then drive to Glenelg, one of my most favourite places on the planet for lunch and then to a place called the beachhouse where they have some carousels and a mini train and stuff, so the kids can have fun:)

Hopefully it will be a good day so we can finish with a nice ice cream at the beach before we head home to a nice pre-cooked meal (after a big day like that, I am not rushing home to slave in the kitchen:))

So far I have three types of fudge, taco scrolls and cupcakes, Melodie and I are going to the shops to pick up her presents when Simon comes home and then we will be rrrready!


Playing nicely, oblivious to what is happening tomorrow;)



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