Trying to find some topics…

I really do like writing here on my blog, but I seem to just come up with the same “Today my family and I did this – oh and look at photos of us doing it.” Which is great for my mother and stuff, but a part of the reason why I blog is also to improve my written English. So, I figured if I give myself ‘topics’ to write about here, then at least I’ll have a starting point, right? We’ll see…:)

What I have done, is I have come up with some daily ‘topics’, which are as follows:

Musical Monday – Where I will share with you my favourite music, old or new, and possibly share my memories of the songs.

Thoughtful Tuesday – You know, so many times do I sit and think to myself “I want to write about this thing that is annoying me, or encouraging me.” And I never really get around to doing it. So I’ll make Tuesdays my venting days!

Throwback Thursday – We all know this one, and I have a computer stuffed full of old photos, so watch out old school friends and other friends, nobody will be safe!:D

Food on a Friday – I like food. I like talking about food. I also like trying new food, and try to make the food we eat as healthy as we can. And with Melodie having Diabetes, food is a big topic in our house. Although I may share recipes of my own, I will probably use this to post other stuff I find on the internet as inspiration for myself, (and maybe you..?:))

The Weekend Tip! – I love getting useful tips, especially if they are from people that I know, that have also tried out their tips, so I know they work.

I have yet to find anything for a Wednesday regular, maybe a video or something, we will see. I hope I will be able to keep this up, but it probably won’t happen every day anyway!




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