Musical Monday!

Oh, this song, or this version of the song rather, gets me every time. I first heard this song when I was pregnant with Ricky. In my belly she was not very active, and I would spend so much time worrying about that in my head. What if something turned out to be not as it should? This song came on the radio one day while Sophia was asleep and Melodie was busy (probably watching TV or reading), and I had a few moments to myself. I remember I had to sit down and listen, and halfway through the song, my pregnant belly was soaking wet because I was crying.

I took it with me to the hospital and made this the first song I ever played for Ricky. While Simon left the two of us alone in the hospital and went to pick up Melodie and Sophia, I played this song out loud for her and again, I cried. I promised her there and then, like with her sisters, that there will never be a moment in my life when I will not love her. And hold her (at least metaphorically) and long for her.

All three of them. Never will I give up on them. Never will I leave their side. I will love them until my last breath.




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