I love the markets. It’s something very rare in Norway, so every time we go, I feel it is very exotic and cool. Yesterday Simon had most of the day off, so we decided to go to the central markets in Adelaide, which I’ve been waiting for since we moved here. They sell mostly just food stuff there, not things like the marker in Sydney.

Everyone loved it, and the vibe there is just so fresh and awesome, and seeing all the fruit and veggies is just so inspiring. Yesterday we came and made fresh battered fish and prawns with baked potatoes and mixed veg salad (served with a bread roll darker than the night: YUM!;D).

I scored some vanilla sugar, which is so hard to find cheap in Aus, and a lot of my Norwegian recipes use it. We also got coffee pods for our machine made by a local coffee shop, and they were YUM too. My heart was jumping for joy when I saw one of the cheese shop sold Ski Queen, a Norwegian goats milk cheese, which we simply call ‘brown cheese’ because of its colour. This is best served on freshly baked buns (Norwegian style, not like anything you buy here.) and with good butter, just warm so it slightly melts. Again, YUM!:) Looks like I’m baking on the weekend!

Melodie has been so much looking forward to going on the tram, so we decided to take it down to Rundle Mall, the shopping street in Adelaide. She was very excited about it and did not want to get off.

We found a watch shop and bought Melodie her first watch, and since then she has been telling us about the time:)
We had promised her a watch for her birthday in January, but we haven’t found a good one until now. This one was well priced, waterproof and with a good warranty. She was a very proud girl!

I love the markets and hope we remember to make time to go there more often. It’s the kind of shopping even Simon enjoys!







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