So proud

As a mum, there are many moments of proudness all the time, but recently I have discovered this sad proudness that I knew would come one day, and although it is such a good thing it is still sad.

You see, Melodie has started to recognise when she is having a hypo (which means her blood sugar level is quite low). The first times she came to us, telling us “I think I am low”, Simon and I smiled and thought this surely must be a ploy to get some treats, but sure enough, we measured it to be to low for our comfort. Since then she has come several times to us with the same message, with almost 100% success rate.

And it makes me extra proud, as it means that she, at four years old and a year after her diagnosis, is developing an understanding for what her condition does to her body, and how to identify it – that it is not just needles.

And for the very same reason, it makes me sad that she as a four-year old has to develop this understanding.

But still, her bravery and awesomeness this last year is more than I would have expected – so I’ll continue down the bottomless pit of proudness – she deserves it.


Diabetes ice blocks;p



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