Quotes from Melodie.

I have had big success in sharing the funny things Melodie says, so I thought I’d continue with that here on this blog. The last days we have had some awesome ones:

“Mamma, Mamma, MAMMA! I am the LUCKIEST girl in the WHOLE world!” she runs to me from the bathroom, with sparkly eyes, jumping of joy.
“Really? That’s nice. How come?” I reply.
“I just finished going to the toilet, and used the last of the toilet roll, so now I have another one for my collection! WoooHOOO!”

I just looked at her, while she danced away singing “Lucky, lucky, I’m so lucky.”

When we moved here, the tenants had left a basketball hoop at the front of our house, which wasn’t attached properly, so Simon took it down. He decided to put it properly back up again, to Melodies excitement. One morning she asks me:

“Mum, why are you and daddy not wearing Pj’s when you sleep?”
“Well, mine are in the washing and daddy doesn’t have any.”

(she thinks for a bit.)

“We are going to buy daddy some pj’s. Bob the Builder ones, because I know he likes that. And we are doing it to thank him for being a good dad and putting our basketball basket back up for us to practice and getting really good.”


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