Swim time!

So, I might not have mentioned that our new place has a pool, but it does. We only got to enjoy it for one summer before life whisked us away to the magnificent waters of Jervis Bay (which was, obviously, a rather good deal). I do remember it was a pretty awesome summer, though, and I intend to get as much use out of the pool as I possibly can.

Which is why, on a day like today, where the wind only softly caressed our hair, and the sun kept our coffee warm while we were working, with a pool in perfect condition, it just seemed to inviting not take the opportunity for a quick dip.

The two eldest of the munchkins were eager to join me, and after scrambling through our goods to locate our swim attire, we were ready to go. Needless to say, it was chilly. One would think that spending 20 winters in the cold of a small coastal town in Norway would make me rather thick-skinned, but it turns out the fat ain’t good for nothin!

Some of my countrymen go swimming in the ice cold waters in the middle of winter, and it is meant to be good for circulation. And considering Simons mother announced it had been minus two degrees yesterday, I was ready for a cold shock.

I managed to doggy-paddle (it was what my brain was capable to fob in the cold) across the maybe four metre long pool, humming the mantra; “I am a Viking, I am a Viking”, as not to lose focus. Then I had to go back. Cold? Oh yes. Refreshing? Indeed? Do it again? Noot for a few weeks…:)

Jasmine, 9, was fearless, though! But Melodie was more reluctant. She dipped her feet in a few times and walked around in the spa, but spent her time fetching leaves from the water.





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