Going to Rio!

2, that is – the movie!

Today I took the big girls to the movies as a treat for the holidays, and we went to see Rio 2. This was Melodies very first trip to the movies and she was so excited! She has been talking about her bird movie for over a week now, so she was literally running through the doors when we got there.

It was huge, one of the biggest theatres I’ve been to, and Mel was a bit intimidated by the size of the screen. She was also not convinced that the lights would be turned off; “Let’s wait and see, mamma, you’ve not been here before.”

While dancing in her seat, she managed to stay still most of the movie, despite recovering from a hypo. Skipping through the car park after it finished, she said it was the best movie ever!

I think I was almost more excited than her for her first time, because I realised she still has firsts left.


Popcorn is a must!


Oh, and she’s already planned what movie comes next…:)



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