Starting fresh.

It is funny. Sometimes you just need a new start, you know?

I mean, today, our stuff was all packed up and bagged up and boxed up and we have officially moved out. And so now we are moving across the country. And with this move I decided; why not just restart my blog? A fresh start in my ‘blogging career’ as well. When my other blog was started, everything was different. I was pregnant , wrote in Norwegian and had no idea, basically. Now I have still so much to learn, but have still changed so much, three children and four moves later.

So here we go. A new blogging start. Hopefully, this one not being on a Norwegian platform, it will be more user-friendly and work better for us. Knowing that a large percentage of our readers (oh, please let me call it ‘readers’, it makes me feel special!) are not Norwegian, it is quite silly keeping it where it was anyway.

I am making no promises as to how often this will be updated. I may love it so it will be quite regular. Or it will be like my old one. Who knows. But right now, it feels good.


Knowing there is a tiny portion of the worlds population that actually find it interesting reading about our life, is, however puzzling, fun and motivating. I hope that those people will find this just as interesting as my previous one.

Lots of Love,

Line xXx

(I wrote this to be the first post on my new blog… But since our internet was lost, it never got published!)


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