Mind-numbingly out of it.

Wow, it has been some stressed out and weird last couple of weeks. I have so many phone calls I was meant to make, messages and e-mails to reply to and boxes to unpack – and I have lost all concept of time and space! This move has taken a massive toll on me, as I do not like not being in control of my own time and space (which, consequently is why I have no concept!)

I am slowly on my way out of it, realizing halfway what time of the day it is, which day it is, and what I need to do next. And I am hoping the people that may feel as I have abandoned them or forgotten about them forgive my “I have no idea what I am doing”-state the last weeks, and when I finally get back into the right head space I will make it all better!

The moving week was so massive. There was never really a relaxing moment. We had some great times, like when we went to our friends for a Hungarian feast (which was YUM! Thank you so much to the Filaks for their awesome hospitality!) and went for a drive further south to soak in the beauty of the South Coast one last time. But I also had some really sad times, like driving home after having witnessed the cast of Chicago doing the last rehearsal before we left, and having to say goodbye to the ladies at our playgroup. I mean, all the goodbyes were really, really sad, and I had to pull myself together many times.

And then it is all the unfinishedness. Which probably isn’t a word, but I just made it. Feeling as if I should have seen that person once more. Or done it properly. Or something. Walked on the beach just one more time. Drive down the street again. And again.

I didn’t even enjoy the ‘holiday’ it was supposed to be travelling over here. We stayed at a beautiful cottage the first night, but I was so buggered after the last days strain that I just fell asleep. And then we just woke up and took off as soon as everything was packed up. The next night we stayed at a rather dodgy (but pet-friendly) caravan park. Then I chose to just go to sleep, as I knew we were so close to the finish line, I just wanted to keep going!

Anyway, I am on my way to settling and feeling heaps better (mentally…) – so soon, soon, I will be back in the game!




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